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Trial lessons for free can be followed according to age and level. Inform yourselves about the irregularities first under News. Mostly according to the school holidays of the regular basic schools in The Hague the classes for children aged 6 up to 12 are skipped. We appreciate if you inform us about the holidays of your schools like International School or Ecole Francaise Van Gogh. They often differ from ours. See again News for the exact skipping days.

The dojo is closed during national day-offs, 14 days around Christmas and Newyear and during summer there is a reduced schedule. Click on News 1 for exact information about these irregularities 

Here is the this week aikido schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  youngsters and adults 19:00-20:00 beginners and 20:00-21:00 advanced

Tuesdays children 6,7,8 years old 17:00-17:50

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9,10,11 years old 18:00-18:50

Saturdays children 09:00-10:50 childrens sword extension 09:50-10:05 after that adults 10:15-11:15

Sundays  most advanced 11:00-13:00 then 13:00-15:00 work with old traditional Japanese weapons

lunch in between!



Via groups app information about unforeseen events