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Trial for free and costs per month


Trial class for free

Clothing loose fitting like sweatshirt, jogging trousers and socks or slippers that not are/have been used on the street.

Monthly donation to the Foundation Seishin-seii

We ask for a monthly minimum donation to our foundation. Monthly includes also the months during summer vacation. Do not consider this donation as fee for the classes but as a monthly contribution to the work of the dojo as a whole, like monthly paying the rent. So we do not send invoices! The highest donation is standard. We ask € 5 less for people who earn less than average. Saturdays kids sword classes costs 5€ extra.The administration is in the hands of a volunteer, so please cooperate by taking care of a regular, monthly payment in advance. All the teachers teach from their heart and for no salary. Yet their devotion is high.

6-18 years 18 years and older
  100% subsidy with "Ooievaarspas" 50% subsidy with "Ooievaarspas" 
kids, students, youth up to 18 years € 25 € 25
18+   € 40


You must ask for the "Ooievaarspas" at the "Gemeente Den Haag"
If you have an "Ooievaarspas", college card or CJP show it to Francisca van Leeuwen.
Aikidoka 12 years and older can train as much as they want in the classes that meet their level.
Youth 7-12 years can train twice a week.


Subscription fee once only € 15,00.

Everyone who comes for the first time pays this subscription fee

Half yearly union fee,-

up to 18 years old and students € 15 - and

18 years up € 40

to our account NL60 INGB 000 7541563 of the Stichting Seishin-seii Den Haag. You owe this every next time in Januari or July


We have a little stock with appropriate suits.  Just ask Francisca van Leeuwen Buying a new one helps the economy of the dojo.

Payments to our Foundation Seishin-seii

Please transfer subscription fee, monthly donations, payment for the suit to:
Banknumber NL60 INGB 000 7541563 of Stichting Seishin-seii, Den Haag.

Clearly state:

  • for which student the payment is made
  • what kind of payment it is (subscription fee, union fee, suit)
  • for which coming month the payment is meant (monthly donation)

You have to pay the monthly gift one month in advance. (For example, you have to pay your monthly donation for March before 1st March.)

Term of notice

We have a term of notice of one month. In other words, if you hand in your notice in April, you still owe us the contribution for May. For more information on giving notice, download the general terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Application form and general conditions

Download the application form with the general terms and conditions (pdf).