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News 1

Dear all, park
We survived! Thanks to you who continued training with us in the sport park or in the backyard of our neighbour.
Thanks to the government and all our members for the financial support.
In the meantime  a team of do-ers build a roof to our backyard space so we can train when it rains.
Thanks Ruth, Robert, Jeanot and David, you did the most but we are happy with everyone who did something.

If you want to express your feelings or thoughts, we are open for it. We keep you informed.
Keep coming, pay attention to the ne schedule

Kind regards,
Francisca van Leeuwen



Franciscasensei teaches on saturdays a group where we meet parents with daughter and some loners after kids class at 10.00



How to to knot your waistbelt is on video under <media> scroll down.

Unluckily I lost my prepaid mobile phone 06-17392002. I have another one of my late husband and that number is 06-12616161. I use it now.


Kids exams:

Kids promotion after one year once a week training or twice a year when twice a week training.




News 2

06-17392002 is not woprking anymore. Use 06-12616161

News 3

The entrance of the dojo is not the front door but the green double door to the corridor to the back yard.