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Aikido for kids

We work in two groups for kids, 6-9 and 9-12 years old. Youth 12-18 years train among adults in a beginners group. In principle children are allowed to train twice a week unless they are invited to train more often.

Until 12 years their Aikido is preparatory. In our dojo various plays are developed also concerning discipline. The children love to learn how to deal with sword, stick and dagger and that is happening regularly. Thus they develop a sense of responsibility with pleasure. With it comes Japanese courtesy which they take naturally as fun and safe.

Basic principles such as stepping out of the line of attack and assume a straight posture help to develop a proper sense of selfconfidence. On the other hand they learn to set back their ego to help others.

Aikido is not to be learned when the children themselves feel no enthousiasm for it. That is why we offer them a lesson for free to try or just look. See the schedule.