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Franciscasensei does not teach on saturday 19 up and including saturday 26.



We are on facebook: Aikido Seishin-seii - Den Haag or Aikido Den Haag

How to to knot your waistbelt is on video under <media> scroll down.

Unluckily I lost my prepaid mobile phone 06-17392002. I have another one of my late husband and that number is 06-12616161. I use it now.


Kids exams:

Kids promotion after one year once a week training or twice a year when twice a week training.

Parents are welcome to see the exam which takes place during regular class. 


Start of the season

New season after the first of September, via groups app possible events. Please let me know if you want to retire from the group app. It will not take much words,though, just for information.


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